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Heating and Air Conditioning

Sometimes heating appliances fail while you’re using them during the wintertime because they’re constantly running in the cold months. Regular maintenance throughout the year can keep your furnace working longer and help it to provide reliable heat when you need it the most.

Before the hot weather arrives, schedule your heating repair to make sure you keep your family warm. Remember, A-1 American services all of Hampton Roads. Looking for heating and air conditioning in Virginia Beach? We’re right down the road. Need a company that does Furnace or Boiler Repair in Chesapeake? We’re your guys.

Below is just one example of a new gas pack installation performed by Jake, one of the professional HVAC techs here at A-1 American.

A1 American Service F.A.Q.

When a technician writes up your quote he will give you an estimate based upon the parts and labor required for the job. Your quote will be the same regardless of how much time your technician spends on it.

Price varies based on size and location. Fortunately we work with several distributors to make sure you get the best deal in the quickest amount of time.

We will honor previously signed service contracts but we are no longer accepting service contracts at either location.

Unfortunately, without looking at your problem in person there is not way to give you an accurate estimate, however, our technicians are available day or night for in-person diagnosis.

NO! Your quote will never change based on the time of day, or the day of the week.

We do guarantee most of our work, though the guaranteed time varies between jobs. Be sure to contact your technician for exact time-frames in regards to a job.

A-1 American is happy to provide plumbing leak detection, however, there is an hourly charge for use of the leak detection machine. Be sure to contact a dispatcher or technician about the hourly rate.

A1 American provides free estimates on specific services. If you are replacing your entire HVAC system, wanting to convert to a tankless water heater system, or wanting an entire house repiped we are more than happy to provide our quotes free of charge. Unfortunately, due to travel and time limitations we DO require a 78$ dispatch fee for all other diagnosis. This fee does not apply if you agree to the services the dispatched technician recommends.

We understand that a lot of homes in the Virginia area are stuck with old Qest piping. At A1 American our technicians are experienced at repairing these old pipes, though we do advise that they be replaced due to highly documented issues with failure.

We do NOT clean ducts, HOWEVER, some of our dispatchers or tech may be able to offer you a recommendation to a local company. Feel free to ask!

We work with several different banks to help customers finance for some of our larger projects. Speak to a dispatcher or technician to apply for financing!

We are more than happy to offers coupons and promotions for our customers. Check out the Specials and Coupons page for more!

At A1 American we understand that a plumbing or Air Conditioning issue can oftentimes qualify as an emergency. For this reason we have a team of technicians on call 24/7 who take jobs on a first come first serve basis. Due to this format we can handle calls much quicker than our competition, usually getting to you same day (oftentimes within a few hours). The downside to this is that we cannot guarantee you an exact time you can be seen.

We are always looking out for the best new technicians out there to join our team. If you are interested in applying please send your resume to info@a-1american.com.

A connection with the men and women of our armed forces runs to the core of A1 American Services. We are pleased to offer special pricing to all active duty Military. Talk to your dispatcher or technician to find out more!

We do NOT work on window units, however, if you get tired of window unit hassle ask our dispatchers about a free estimate to install an HVAC system!

Heating Services We Offer

Check Out Some of the Heating Services We Provide

  • Furnace Repair and Replacement
  • Heat Pump Repair and Installation
  • Boiler Installation and Repair
  • Weatherization Solutions
  • HVAC Inspection Camera
  • Blower Motor Replacement

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